Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 Things I Love About You

I love the way you call me sweetie,
And the way you light up when I call you baby,
I love when you love talk so soft,
So speechless you leave me be.

I love the way you kiss me tender,
After which, my thoughts I can hardly remember,
I love your hugs so warm and fuzzy,
That when you’re not around, I'm so fussy.

I love the way you listen to me,
Even if it’s nonsense to me,
I love it when you talk on and on,
Totally amazed, in awe I’ve gone.

I love the way you give in to me,
Although I’m being a demanding kiddy,
I love the fact that you always forgive,
Never holding my sins to heart.

I love the way you say ‘sweetie…’,
In the end, just to say ‘nothing’,
Best of all, I love it that you say the 3 words,
Melts my heart for what its worth.

The 10 things I love about my special someone. All I wrote here is true about her. She's just simply amazing, my words in this poem can't even begin to describe her. This poem doesn't rhyme much but its meaningful to me.

Special Someone

If there ever was an earthly angel,
A wonder that I could never reach,
It would be you, my dear sweet angel,
Someone I can’t marvel with speech.

My model of perfection,
My definition of beauty,
My prayer of compassion,
Your praises sing to infinity.

Though my words to you are pitiful,
My actions towards you so worthless,
My love for is not playful,
My feelings for you are priceless.

I named this poem after someone. I don't wanna name the person for my own reasons, so I changed the title to Special Someone. I'm proud of this short poem because it meant so much to the person I dedicated it to. And I didn't even have to think so hard to come up with this one, I just close my eyes and thought of the person and the words magically appeared in my mind.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gray-eyed Angel

On a fateful night in fading March,
I met this angel so very wonderful,
Of course I didn't believe it much,
But she touched my heart and made me a fool.

Those sexy gray-eyes like heaven's skies,
Those luscious red lips made me beg for a kiss,
Surely she must be one of God's great lies,
Made me wonder "Who is this miss?".

That dreamy sweet voice,  what a lovely sound,
That black silky hair that ran through my hands,
I just sat there blankly looking at what I had found,
But tell me angel “Could I hold your hands?”

That cute face that lingers on my mind,
That beautiful smile made my mouth drool dry,
I doubt the dream that you'll be mine,
But a friend I'll be though laugh or cry.

I think I was running on an empty fuel tank when I wrote this one. Wrote it on the way to work, so I blame it on morning blurriness. The only thing I like about this one is the title. :-)

7 April 2009 - Reworked. Sounds better now

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet Valentine

Today we celebrate sweet Valentine,
For some a day of blissful delight,
For others a day to vengefully hate,
But remember those who love us most,
For they will always be dear and close,
Never failing to love and assist,
Always willing to forget and forgive,
So on this day I ask you dearest,
“Would you be my sweet Valentine?”

Wishing everyone Happy Valentine's day. Hurmmm... I'm getting rusty at poetry... This one is just crappy to me but I meant every word :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

I Met An Angel

At first glance my heart was captured,
In love I fell with your eyes so hazy,
It sent my mind into raptures,
Thinking about you made me crazy.

Never thought I would see you again,
But once more I saw you that night,
Looking at you I was love-struck again,
All I could think was ‘what a sight’.

Watching the way you walk,
Swear I saw you walking on air,
Hearing the way you talk,
So sweet even angels say it’s not fair.

Can’t imagine being without you,
Losing my head each and every day,
Forever and always want to be with you,
So, angel, what do you say?

After so long, I managed to squeeze out one more poem. My 10th poem, so I wrote it to sound a bit different from what I usually write. Amazingly I wrote this in the office (after office hours), mainly because I was bored and feeling lovey-dovey all of a sudden.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Feeling Lonely

When emptiness drains the heart,
And regret cripples the mind,
I wish I were back at the start,
Hoping to erase faults of all kind.

All alone with no one to clutch,
Craving for affection to no avail,
Watching couples share love so much,
Makes me wonder if I would prevail.

With each passing moment I pray,
For God to send my angle this way,
Created by him for myself wholly,
A cure for a sickness called lonely.

Let this be a prayer from deep within me,
A silent cry to the great powers above,
That they listen and have pity upon me,
Hopefully tomorrow they bring me my love.

Another poem written out of frustration. Don't know if it even makes sense. At least when i wrote it, it did. I'm drained... need inspiration...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Her Everything

Her smile surpasses spring’s first bloom,
Her persona bewilders hearts of steel,
Her kindness appeases trouble’s gloom,
Her presence radiates a breathtaking appeal.

Her birth was God’s gift to lowly earth,
Her wits unmatched in every way,
Her deeds expect none of reward,
Her warmth melts hearts away.

Her beauty to many an object of envy,
Her caress speaks only of feelings of love,
Her kiss a long-lasting lingering sensation,
Her breath reminisces' autumn's soothing breeze.

Her voice infamies’ a choir of angels,
Her grace is of the worlds above,
Her scent like the first rose of spring,
Her everything gratifies us a lifetime.

I think my ideas ran dry for this one. I'm totally disappointed with this one. It Should have been better.

Updated on 14th Feb 2008